In this episode of Practically Social, Jeff and Charlie head back to Annapolis, this time to interview a Scottish guy named Scott — Scott MacMullan, local attorney, Foursquare mayor of the local District Court and host of “The Annapolis Podcast.” Find out how an attorney uses social media to differentiate his practice — through an engaging, must-listen-to podcast featuring insights and history lessons from the city’s movers and shakers (plus their favorite restaurants!) Click above to listen or click on this link.

Jeff and Charlie hit the road again, this time to Francis Street in #Annapolis for a visit with Jenna Soneira of Ruff Draft Solutions. We talk social media, Facebook advertising and then we head to the roof for a group selfie! To listen, click above or click here.

For the 17th episode of “Launch Podcast: Stories About Start-Ups,” Jeff and Charlie had the opportunity to interview Rao Dumpeti, founder of the app MakeMe. It is a fascinating app that fosters group challenges, action plans and more.

There are built-in consequences: If you miss too many moves, everyone in the team has to own up to the challenge, with photo proof!

To listen, click above or click here.