Our Story

Oscar Zeballos discovered his passion for broadcasting at the age at 18, where he spent over a decade in terrestrial radio operations and as the majority of his career as a talk show host. This experience allowed him to become a leading player on one of the nation’s top podcasts.

In the world of business was Charlie Birney; a veteran of his craft with experience in building multi-million dollar companies and family businesses, such as The Brick Companies. As a skilled musician and artist, his unique creative edge allowed him to see the importance of podcast entertainment early on.

Their two worlds collided when Oscar pursued his Executive MBA at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Charlie attended the school’s podcasting focus group where Oscar was presenting; he quickly got Oscar’s attention with his impressive lineup of questions. Oscar tracked Charlie down and, after a few lunches, told him about his ambitious idea to “build television and radio shows at a level that this city’s never seen.” Charlie’s response? “When you’re ready to build this, I’m your first call.”

The pair built Podcast Village, which is a full-service production house that caters directly to the customers’ development, production and distribution of their podcasts.

Now operating out of Georgetown and Dupont Circle, Washington D.C., Podcast Village is continuing to expand and evolve with market needs. Captained by Charlie and Oscar, they guarantee an inclusive, client first production with a strict “No A$$hole Policy.”