How to determine the number of subscribers to your iTunes podcast

When social marketers make podcasts available from the iTunes store to subscribers, you’re out there with the heavy hitters — and have access to additional analytical information. You have no way, at least for now, to find out how many iTunes users are subscribed to your podcast, but you can find out the popularity of your podcast by following the steps suggested by Podcast Advice(your-podcast stats). Here’s how:


  1. Launch iTunes.

    The lovely iTunes interface graces your computer.

  2. Click Store.

    The iTunes Store appears.

  3. Click Podcasts.

    The most popular podcasts are listed. If yours is on this page, you’ve made the big leagues. If it isn’t, you have to do a little more work to find out how popular your podcast is.

  4. Enter a keyword that’s associated with your podcast.

    For example, if you’re a photographer, photography is the keyword. After you enter the keyword, a list of podcasts appears.

  5. Analyze the list of podcasts to see where your brainchild appears.

    You can also sort podcasts by podcast name, episode name, release date, duration, popularity, or price. You’re looking for popularity: When you see bars extending all the way across the Popularity column, you know that the episode is quite a popular one.