How many studios are there at Podcast Village?

There are two fully finished studios at Podcast Village, both are ready for exceptional audio recordings as well as HD video from multiple angles

What do I need to prepare for my audio recording?

You should be comfortable and relaxed with your material, so practicing can always help, but reading from a prepared script can sometimes be pretty dull. Have fun and be yourself!


OK, where is it again?

We are located at 2300 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC. Four stories above the Starbucks! You actually enter on the side street "Hall" but it is literally the door closest to Starbucks and it is 2300 Hall Place. Go in, get on the elevator, push the button for the fourth floor, and when the elevator arrives, turn left! Welcome!

So, what part of town is that?

The neighborhood is Glover Park, but Charlie likes to call it Georgetown. We are a half mile from the National Cathedral and the intersection of Mass Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue

How is parking?

There are three pay lots across the street - you can search them online using SpotHero if you would like to arrange parking in advance. There is always street parking using meters.

How else can I get there?

Other than Uber and Lyft you can actually get the Metro bus right to the front door. The nearest Metro stop however is Tenleytown.


How should I prepare for my session?

Know your material as best you can. However, reading from a script is almost never the best way to go, but it all depends on what you are making!

OK, but what are best practices for recording?

You will want to try and stay steady and in front of the microphone. That does not mean you can't move around at all! But you will want to work on keeping in place.


There are a bunch of ways to get your stuff edited: Our editors or yourself!

We have experienced editors who will get your content finished and excellently produced. BUT we also have a podcast/coworking space with four workstations all fully loaded with audio and editing software for our members to use at their convenience.

Seriously, we have everything here if you want to do it yourself!

If you want to produce and edit your show, and this goes for audio and/or video, we have everything here for you at Podcast Village. Our coworking area has multiple machines, with all necessary software, and other office stuff in case you actually need to print or use a big whiteboard. Do you need something special, maybe a specific software? Let us know and we will figure it out!

Or, perhaps you want both? You edit when you can and use our editors when you can't?

Several of our clients do this, and it makes a lot of sense. We are happy to be flexible with you and work to make the best workflow for you and your show. 

booking time

Book Online!

The absolute simplest way to get started is to click the BOOK button and pick a time that works for you. You will need to give a few details, but please also include anything else that may help us to make your time at Podcast Village amazing!

I don't know how to book online!! Can you help? Not computer savvy!!! How did I even make it to this question?

OK, so this is fixable. You want to make a podcast but are not even sure how to use the website - we understand! Just email: and we will get back to you the old fashioned way! So don't forget to leave your phone number!